Project Description

Welcome to the official home of the FusionWare::BSP!

FusionWare::BSP is C++ Framework for building Board Support Packages for Windows Embedded CE. It includes a number of features that make it a superior framework for developing BSPs, including:
* Well defined layered architecture
* Higher level layers of common code are re-usable across multiple systems
* Lowest level hardware platform specific code can easily override upper layers
* Consistent design and implementation patterns and support libraries allow sharing of device specific code as a binary library between boot loader, OAL and full Device driver.
* Device Driver Framework [FusionWare::DFX]
* Full source and friendly BSD License (Just give credit where it is due!)

Brief History

The FusionWare::BSP began in the days of Windows CE V2.1x. It was created by Steve Maillet, then founder of Entelechy Consulting, to simplify the process of creating new Windows CE Board Support Packages (BSPs) for clients. During his time with Entelechy Consulting Steve continued to refine the set of common libraries and functionality into a more formal framework. In Mid 2004 Steve merged Entelechy Consulting with Sintium , Ltd. to form EmbeddedFusion. With the help of a great team at EmbeddedFusion, inlcluding MVPs Michel Verhagen and Riki June, the framework was further refined to become the framework now known as the FusionWare::BSP. After leaving EmbeddedFusion in late 2007, Steve retained all rights to the framework. He wanted the framework to continue to grow, evolve and find life in real products, however due to potential conflicts of interest issues with his new employment (as an "Agency Temp" contractor to Microsoft through Excell Data Corporation) he decided the time was right to release the FusionWare::BSP to the public at large . So, on Feb 6, 2008 Steve attended the local Redmond Windows Embedded Developers Interest Group (http://www.we-dig.org/default.aspx) meeting, which was coincidentally focused on BSP development, and announced the plans to release the FusionWare::BSP under the BSD license here on CodePlex

The source code is not yet fully loaded on the CodePlex Servers as the code must all be scrubbed for public consumption, including the following:
  • Removal of any offensive or objectionable comments or other content
  • Adjustment to copyright and legal disclaimers in all code and documentation files
  • Removal of any third-party code for which re-distribution rights are not available

The code and documentation will be uploaded as time permits. Initially, the focus will be on the FusionWare::DFX Driver Framework (DFX) as that is usable on any BSP/OAL so long as a few custom kernel IOCTL code handlers are implemented correctly. I'm hoping to get someone to provide an implementation of those handlers for at least one standard PQOAL provided with Platform Builder as an example to allow the FusionWare::DFX to operate on a broader set of systems and devices.

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